Teacher Librarians unite!

The Internet is a wonderful thing. 

Teacher Librarians everywhere are having the same experiences, pondering the same questions, and collectively tackling Web 2.0.  The important thing here – the beauty of Web 2.0 – is that we aren’t alone.  Thanks to things like wikis and weblogs, we are able to learn and grow together.

One Teacher-Librarian I have a great deal of respect for is Joyce Valenza.  She is a role model for everyone, as she has taken her school library online, offering a ‘Virtual Library’.  She maintains a fabulous and informative blog ( NeverEndingSearch Blog )  and has recently started ‘Teacher Librarian Ning’ – an online community for Teacher Librarians and educators (for those who want to lead in new information landscapes).  I love it!  She describes it as a “learning sandbox”, which seems a fitting analogy.  She is responsible for initiating many incredible projects, such as the Teacher Librarian Wiki (topics include: Web 2, School Library 2, Books, Info Lit & models). 

So much to learn!  I am grateful for her and the work that she does, as it helps me to figure things out and inspires me to continue learning and doing more!

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